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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 30, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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i'm kris sanchez in san jose where half of the manhunt for two escaped inmates is now over. a high-speed chase in the peninsula overnight. two passengers doing something on the freeway after the chase that could have put many other people at risk. another term or changing of the guard? a vote in the house today could mean a change in leadership for the democratic party. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good wednesday morning to you. halfway through our week. already feels like we're running along. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. that's the positive way to look at it. we're halfway through your week. on the other side of things,
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today is a little frosty. >> yes, it is. cold again this morning. we've been talking about the cold air staying with us for a little while. now we're starting to see clouds moving in. we get a live look outside now in san jose, it's all clear here as we continue to see some cool air once again starting our morning off in the 40s. the bigger picture shows there's light rain moving into the north bay. i'll detail that and what else to expect coming up. mike is taking us to the south bay. >> that's right. we'll watch the rain coming into the north bay. the south bay is where we have our only incident of worry. the roadways are moving well. we expect a lighter volume of traffic like we saw yesterday. there's slowing at south 85 approaching stevens creek boulevard. it sounds like it my be there for about an hour. sounds like traffic off and back on the freeway in the same area. speeds are not a problem around the bay. thank you very much.
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we begin with breaking news this morning. one of the two inmates who escaped from the santa clara county main jail has been found and captured. he was caught in the east bay last night after six nights on the run. we were the first to bring you the escape as breaking news on thanksgiving morning. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joining us live from the santa clara county jail in san jose. we're expecting that captured inmate to arrive soon. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we don't know exactly how laron campbell was captured in antioch, we know he'll end up here at the santa clara county main jail where his whole story started about seven days ago. he was arrested in antioch without incident. that part we know. later this morning we expect to hear more details about that arrest. he was booked immediately into the santa rita jail. a week ago, campbell, rogelio chavez and two others repelled down to the ground level on a rope of clothing and bed sheets.
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two of the inmates were busted and back in their cell immediately. campbell and chavez took off. tips led santa clara county deputies to swarm this gas station yesterday at 7th and keys around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. someone called in a tip said they spotted rogelio chavez drinking from a hose outside that gas station. days before deputies searched this gilroy hotel where they arrested a woman who admitted to helping chavez while he was on the run. >> we can verify she was with him, driving him around santa clara county. anyone who aids and ab bets these individuals will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. >> reporter: rogelio chavez is still on the run this morning but with 20,000 in reward money for information leading to an arrest, the public is watching, talking and definitely calling law enforcement. laron campbell will be back here
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at the jail. we expect a press conference with the sheriff's department. in the next half hour we'll show you what a neighbor had to say about his capture in antioch. kris sanchez for "today in the bay." breaking news on the peninsula where authorities arrested two suspects after a chaotic early morning high-speed chase on interstate 280. the chp says it started before 2:30 in the morning and went about seven miles before the driver of the car eventually pulled over at farm hill boulevard in woodside. the chp says the suspect then ran across freeway lanes and into a caltrans yard. that's where officers eventually nabbed the pair. one of the suspects is said to be a parolee at large. >> following breaking news out of the east bay this morning. there's some kind of police activity in antioch, though we're not exactly sure what it is. this is video from the scene. officers are on the scene of winding way not far from hillcrest avenue. witnesses at the scene report
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seeing crime tape put up there. right now deputies are offering free details. we're working with them trying to get you more information. we'll update the story as soon as we have more. >> now to developing news in san francisco that we've been following since last night at 11:00. a deadly accident prompted a cans lakes of last night's cirque du soleil show. a show technician was struck by a lift before the show. san francisco fire department transported the man to sf general where he died. the cirque du soleil show is set up in parking lot a of the ball park. still no word on the identity of the man. show goers were promised refunds. house minority leader nancy pelosi faces a critical test that may shape the future of the democratic party. house democrats will vote on giving her another term or passing the gavel to someone else, specifically that could be ohio representative tim ryan. ryan believes the results of the recent presidential election calls for change in democratic
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leadership. pelosi has been the house democratic leader for 12 years. "today in the bay" will closely follow today's vote and we'll bring you a live report from washington as well. our tracie potts is there and will join us in our next hour. 4:36 on wednesday. parents in napa asking plenty of questions after a police report indicated some kind of campus assault involving high school football players. so far police and the school are being vague about what exactly happened. we know they are investigating an incident last week in the high school parking lot at napa high school there where at least one player was physically assaulted by fellow teammates. we spoke with a parent who didn't want her face on camera. she believes she knows why students singled out one of their own. >> a freshman was moved up to jv and other kids were jealous. >> a member from the team had grabbed on to another member and had grabbed at them, hit and grabbed at them. >> the school district and the police department are not
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indicating if that was a hazing incident. so far no action has been taken against any students. chaos in a very crowded san francisco center. there were warn signs that something was wrong. >> it is cold this morning as you head out now in san jose. 41 degrees, and palo alto 43 degrees, mid 30s for livermore. we'll take a closer look at this and the microclimate forecast coming up. a quick look outside. this is the peninsula. highway 101. we have some traffic but no real slowing unless you're getting off at marsh. we'll take a look coming up.
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. good wednesday morning. the time now is 4:40. as we get a live look outside in san jose, a clear start with some cool temperatures. in evergreen the temperature trend will go from the mid 40s at 8:00 into the upper 50s today. still cooler than average and a lot of clouds. clouds will also bring in spotty rain. i'll detail that coming up in the next few minutes. we're looking at green for the speeds registering at the limit through the tri-valley and the east way. i'm watching n issue off 580. i'll give you those details coming up. pretty big scare for movie goers in san francisco. police evacuate the metreon after the man pulled a gun in the theater. the chronicle says a witness reported the suspect was yelling and behaving erratically just as the previews wrapped up before a
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showing of "allied." another witness says after the suspect pulled out the gun, the man stayed seated as others ran out. police arrived on scene quickly detaining the man. the theater was closed for the night. the fbi is now investigating the hack that shut down muni pay stations over the weekend. a spokesperson for muni says the ransomware hack shut down e-mail and payroll. the hacker demanded 100 built coin, roughly $73,000 to release the computers. the spokesperson says it was compromised -- jasmine marshall and kelvin johnson were arrested last week for forcing their dogs to kill a raccoon and coyote in golden gate park and documenting the whole thing on social media. the d.a. says that couple could be facing felony animal abuse charges as a result. contra costa health
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officials urging the public to throw out leftovers from a community thanksgiving meal that killed three and has sickened more than a dozen people in antioch. 17 people have become seriously ill. that's up from the five that was originally reported. all the victims ate thanksgiving dinner at the american legion hall organized by the golden hills community church. the parish has been serving holiday meals there without issue for decades. >> if it was from us, we want to fix it. if it wasn't from us, we still want to help the people who were hurting. >> the sheriff's department is conducting autopsies on the three people who died. 4:42. protest of leadership. a day of action coming up in san francisco against the president-elect's appointments. what has a specific group so upset? the bay area's largest investigative team holding the powerful accountable is now in your hands. just download the nbc bay area app. tap, slide, select. all the coverups, all the corruption, it can all start
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with a tip from you. download the nbc bay area app.
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4:45 right now. it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas. you with me on that? >> we're not ready. >> so i got trees the other day. forgot to water them. completely forgot. >> not too late, is it? >> i hope not. >> it feels christmasy. >> it does. we've got the tree up. >> did you water it? >> i've been watering it. there's still a lot of needles falling off. i don't know what's going on. there is a drought going on. we'll have a little rain in the bay area. maybe for your trees outside, a little water on it. a live look outside in san francisco. the clouds are starting to move
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in. it's cold again. it's 47 degrees. high today expected to reach 57. we're watching some rain moving into the north bay. so far it's been affecting spots like sonoma county toward napa county. we're seeing that rain moving towards santa rosa, and napa starting with rain, but elsewhere it's all dry and cool in livermore. it's 35 degrees. 41 in san jose. also very cool in morgan hill and in oakland. 46 degrees. today's forecast will be just a little bit cooler than it was yesterday. not as much sunshine. mostly cloudy skies and spotty rain possible for most areas especially in the north bay. in san francisco you can also have some light showers. once that moves out, we'll some cool mornings and sunny afternoons into the weekend. then it gets much colder on monday as cold air drops in from the north. it will be dry and it looks like
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we'll only have a slight chance of rain over the next several days. it won't be until late next week when we could have a more significant chance of rain with an area of low pressure dropping in. in the forecast over the next seven days in san francisco, 57 today. low 60s for saturday. and then on sunday it's still nice, but look at how cold it gets towards the end of the forecast. we're talking about highs in the mid 50s, low temperatures in the 30s. so we could be dealing with frost here for the start of next week. so enjoy this weekend. it really looks nice. heading over to mike, we see what's happening in the tri-valley. >> we'll see what's happening around the bay. not a whole lot. we'll talk about palo alto in a second. the tri-valley, just past the dublin interchange for westbound 580, reports of a large tire in the roadway. any size tire is one you'll have to watch for. there may be a traffic break to clear that out. no word on when that's coming. no slowing shows up. that's past the dublin
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interchange toward the dublin grade. no delays reported for any systems. 22 b.a.r.t. trains running on time. there a may be slowing for a reroute, three lines for vta through san jose around berryessa construction zone. watch for that as well. a smooth flow of traffic approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. 13 minutes from the highway 4 to the bay bridge. that's great flow. in palo alto, no slowing heading south from university, just past the embarcadero there may be a disabled vehicle trying to get over to the right shoulder. thank you very much. happening today, prektd trump is launching a new tour, victory tour. he plans to visit some of the states that sent him into office. tonight he visits cincinnati, ohio. other venues will be announced. in the meantime trump's latest cabinet selections include offering former goldman sachs executive steve munn chin. he's most reisn'tly been
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financing hollywood films including "suicide squad" and the lego movies. happening "today in the bay" area, a protest is planned against steve bannon and his role in the donald trump presidency. he was appointed earlier this month. right now a group of local jewish activists are protesting against bannon as part of national jewish resistance day of action. he was founding member of controversial breitbart news organization. that protest starts at 4:30 p.m. on california street in san francisco. 4:49. california could soon ditch the gas tax and ask you to pay by the mile. state lawmakers say a pilot program could be the key to finding billions of dollars to repair aging freeways. under this program, drivers would be charged a fee based on how much they drive. miles driven would be tracked either through a plug-in device, an app or e-mailing in a picture of your odometer. good news for homeowners
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this morning. for buyers not so much. u.s. home prices have fully recovered from the recession. home values hitter that peek in july 2006 and the recession hit gutting millions from the market. now standard & poor's latest report shows homes have regained all that value and more. the recovery is set to be uneven. seattle and denver had the largest gains. miami and las vegas still below their peak prices. san francisco is one of the few markets where prices actually dropped last month. also housing prices are climbing much faster than mayor can cass' workers incomes. popular games are coming to facebook apps. lyft is now becoming more up front about ride prices. for that story and the rest of the news before the bell, we turn to landon dowdy live from cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> hi there, sam and laura. wall street could see some green arrows today. futures are higher this morning, although the stocks are flat on tuesday, posting small gains.
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oil is in focus today, um more than 8% as opec meets in austria trying to reach a deal to cut production to stabilize global crude prices. look for data on private sector jobs, personal income and housing. the dow rising to 19,121. the nasdaq up to 5,379. lyft will tell riders how much their trip will cost before they book, similar to what uber does. the feature allows you to see how much the ride will cost with fees, taxes, tolls and prime time charges or lift's version of surge pricing rolls in. if you change your destination en route or if the route takes more or less time than expected, the fare will change. pac-man is coming to its users, rolling out a new features include the facebook mobile app and messenger. the aim is to keep people on facebook as long as possible which is made easier when it hosts all the content users
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consume on their phones. instant games is free, so you don't have to pay to download or play, sam and laura. >> some retro games there. thanks a lot, landon. 4:52. pretty strange sightings in southern california. the thing that's washing up along the shores of huntington beach and why no one really knows what it is. >> the thing-thing. happening right now, google is for the first time seeking permission to build an apartment complex in mountain view with a catch. you can read the story on supporters are rallying around a michael's store manager after video of an incident there went viral. on our facebook page you can see video of an angry customer yelling at an employee and claiming she was discriminated against while checking out at the store. back for more news in just two minutes.
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good morning, emeryville this morning. taking a live look outside from emeryville looking towards the bay bridge. halfway through the workweek, another cold start. we'll have the full forecast coming up. palo alto right now cleaning up after a problem with some pigeons. the animals seem to be hanging out in the rafters of this embarcadero road underpass and left a mess behind. that stench was so bad that some residents complained to the city. they're shutting down the road for seven nights. >> cleanliness is important. i think there's risk of disease when you have pigeon poop on the bridge. i think it's a great idea. >> the city right now is pigeon proofing the underpass by installing netting so the boards will no longer be able to roost in the rafters. petaluma is the latest town
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to join the bait and switch packaging program this holiday season. we told you how it works. bait packages containing gps trackers will be placed at homes and businesses throughout the city. once that package is stolen, police will get an alert and can track down the thieves. as we told you yesterday morning on "today in the bay," campbell also using that program to catch thieves. trying to track down, laura, where this is from. it's a beach mystery confusing some scientists. >> that's right. it's happening on california's coast. weird jelly-like creatures washed up by the thousands on hunting ton beach this week. scientists can't really determine what they are. their best is some kind of sea cucumber, but the creatures are said to be gone. >> probably best not to step on them. not exactly beach weather right now, kari. >> we've had choppy conditions along the beach as the winds have been kicking up. now, chilly temperatures and a little rain in the forecast. i'll tell you where coming up. a live look outside fremont.
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headlights are going southbound. the taillights, they're going northbound where we just saw some flashing lights clear. construction making things a little better through the area. plus one inmate caught. one still on the run. the new details we're learning about a raid that brought a fugitive to justice. "nbc bay area responds." we've recovered over $300,000 for our viewers. if you want help, call us or visit
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captured, one of two escaped inmates is back in jail. we talked with a neighbor who witnessed the arrest of lar ron campbell overnight. >> reporter: a 110-mile-per-hour chase down the peninsula. the reason the driver fled in the first place. plus another term or changing of the guard? a vote today in the house that could mean a change in leadership for the democratic party. "today in the bay" starts right now. actually we've been on the go since 4:30 this morning. you get the chance to join us early. we love when it happens. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i go running about 2:30 in the morning, so i've been moving -- it was cold outside, let me tell you. >> are you kidding? >> no, i did not. i wish. it is cold for people who are
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out right now. >> definitely an extra layer needed. this morning, along with the next few mornings, we'll have lows dipping into the 30s. that's nothing compared to what i'll show you in the seven-day forecast. here is a live look outside in san jose as you step out. heaters on. and it's 41 degrees. 36 in livermore. morgan hill 35 and san francisco 48 degrees. won't be a bad afternoon. we're tracking some rain. good news for the south bay for mike. >> better news. overnight construction crews closed off for a short period of time highway 85 at the bottom of your screen here. we have a new incident reported for oakland. more details on that coming up. i want to let you know speed sensors recovered after they reopened highway 85. at stevens creek over crossing they were doing some sign work. that cleared. mild slowing out of the altamont pass for west 580 and the large tire in the roadway a


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